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Upside Down & Inside Out.. and OK

Ever learn something about your Beliefs that knock your socks off?  Something that leaves you wondering what the heck happened to your world while you try to shake it off and come back to something more sane with which to frame your knowledge?

Good thing it was the Big Guys:   Religion and Politics.   Whoa.

Sex Robot Culture

​So I watched a video about sex robots (actually, i scanned through according to my tolerance to the information) and it left me feeling angry, shocked, and very concerned. I have not included a link but it is worth searching and reviewing if you value human connection. Here are my thoughts on this trend: 

People cannot be replaced by inanimate objects!

Objects cannot be used for the acceptable  release of an individual’s abusive, unhealthy, negative emotions.  Behaviors expressing anger, rage, or retaliation are serious psychological issues which threaten human populations, in my opinion.  Desire to dominate or to control another in a sexual manner must never be tolerated; these compulsions and addictions warrant immediate and thorough psychological attention.

Consensual acts between adults who communicate issues like boundaries and trust are not the subject of my concern.

Choose to work through any internal residual from traumatizing events with professional human beings, and figure out a way to get them to choose you as their willing bed partner. 

To Judge or Not to Judge…?

My childhood religious training heeded the warning: “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone,” reminding believers that we are not to judge the actions or choices of others.  God is the ultimate Judge, according to the Bible.  Our society has judges in our judicial system, and we also normalize the concept of judges with television gameshows like America’s Got Talent.  But the concept of Divine Judgement has me pondering a few things….

I strongly agree that, while it is natural for a human to reach mental judgements on many people/places/things in the course of a day, it is spiritually damaging to let your judgement (or discernment may be a better word) project outwardly onto a thing such that it is affected by that perceived judgement.  Not only can we be a factor that limits another’s opportunities for growth or success if we profess our opinion publicly, we may also limit our own opportunities to start or develop relationships by deciding that someone or some thing is one way, or another, with a condition which carries judgement.

Perhaps the more pertinent point is that our stance from which we pass judgement NEVER contains all of the information necessary to determine the REASON for the action or choice standing to be judged.  We can never know what someone’s past experiences are that create the inclination to act a certain way.  It is not feasible for us to have all of the information or knowledge that another may have when making decisions.  This suggests that we are never the best candidate for judging something relating to another’s internal experiences.  They are.


Yes, we do perceive our faults to be more obvious than others.  We do hold ourselves to standards that we would not consider applicable for others.  And we are more aware of our own imperfections than we note when we look at others.  While these criticisms deal with subjective qualities, we have rules, regulations, and laws by which to measure our status in other areas of life.  Aside from the random parking ticket or civil offense which can render a negative judgement based on “the books,” ultimately WE OURSELVES are the ultimate overseers of our righteousness as we inhabit the earthly plane.

Some may argue that Judgement Day is the Come to Jesus Day, and that a meeting with a Divine Source is in order, but from many people who have had near-death experiences, we hear that the Life Review phase of leaving the physical body is the equivalent of what many may call God’s Judgement.

As Divinely connected beings, our own Life Review is governed by higher ideals and universal principles.  It is actually our comprehensive assessment of how we as humans held up to the Divine Order of the Cosmos.  Even this process seems almost automatic to the part of ourselves which is cerebral and functions via decision-making and evaluation, or judgement.

Overall, the best judge of my character turns out to be me.  I have the most finely-attuned set of standards for myself, requiring me to take on zero toxic shame or guilt as I authentically express myself in everyday life.  One of my missions in this lifetime is to help others to see where they have taken on guilt or shame from a past judgement that someone else placed on them, and to show them understanding compassion where previously they had none.  This frees the soul of undeserved guilty feelings, and reminds us that we can never be the accurate Judge of anyone but ourselves.

— Amanda Moore 2017

$$ PAY $$ Attention to What Matters


In a time when the political and religious dialogue in today’s changing world can be a bit disconcerting, it is IMPERATIVE that we CONSCIOUSLY choose how we SPEND our ENERGY, or to what we are PAYING ATTENTION.

UNIVERSAL LAWS remind us that we reap what we sow, and that what we focus on, grows.

Please remember in these Strange Days to limit your exposure to inflammatory, antagonistic “news” sources that provide minimal actual factual useful information. Although the issues are important and should be evaluated carefully, we have the DUTY and the PRIVILEGE of actually creating a new way of life for all of humanity based on how we SPEND OUR ENERGY.

Schedule time for what you LOVE.  Have FUN every day.  Remember to LAUGH at each magical moment that appears in your life, and to be GRATEFUL for the first BREATH of each NEW DAY.


Love, Light, Wholeness & Balance 😊