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Upside Down & Inside Out.. and OK

Ever learn something about your Beliefs that knock your socks off?  Something that leaves you wondering what the heck happened to your world while you try to shake it off and come back to something more sane with which to frame your knowledge?

Good thing it was the Big Guys:   Religion and Politics.   Whoa.

Sex Robot Culture

​So I watched a video about sex robots (actually, i scanned through according to my tolerance to the information) and it left me feeling angry, shocked, and very concerned. I have not included a link but it is worth searching and reviewing if you value human connection. Here are my thoughts on this trend: 

People cannot be replaced by inanimate objects!

Objects cannot be used for the acceptable  release of an individual’s abusive, unhealthy, negative emotions.  Behaviors expressing anger, rage, or retaliation are serious psychological issues which threaten human populations, in my opinion.  Desire to dominate or to control another in a sexual manner must never be tolerated; these compulsions and addictions warrant immediate and thorough psychological attention.

Consensual acts between adults who communicate issues like boundaries and trust are not the subject of my concern.

Choose to work through any internal residual from traumatizing events with professional human beings, and figure out a way to get them to choose you as their willing bed partner. 

The Exit Strategy & Writing on the Fly…

Before incarnating into this lifetime, our Higher Self creates a Master Blueprint for this lifetime.  Many times this is done with the collaboration of a Soul Mate or a Soul Group, those who are agreeing to assist or interact with us when we are on the Earth.  Along with certain karmic missions to be completed while we are alive, we may also plan our Exit Strategies, or the specific way we agree to leave the physical body, or to die.

Last year I experienced the event that I believe now was my planned exit strategy.  I had a natural ascension of the spirit from my physical body while my dear friend sat with me in possible preparation for my passing.  My friend was what I call a Soul Mate, and had experienced the death of her ultimate love partner and of her best friend during the first two decades of her life.  As I realized I was really preparing to leave the physical plane, and that meant I would be leaving her sitting with the third death of an important person in her life, something made me change my intention at a moment’s notice.

I believe that from that point forward I have been “living on borrowed time” and writing my life’s destiny “on the fly.”  It’s as if my Soul Mate and I who had decided to experience my natural ascension made a non-verbal agreement at that moment to modify the end of our journey together here in this lifetime.

While my friend was very concerned that she had perhaps somehow messed up my right to die, or something like that, and I do admit I had concerns as well about how and when I would be leaving the earth finally.  My childhood religion had told me I had the benefit of a Rapture if I stayed faithful and did good works.  I did seriously believe that I had waived my painless dignified religiously-approved exit from this lifetime because of my concern about leaving her enduring the emotional pain of losing yet another loved one to death, in her actual presence in this instance.  I wanted to save her from enduring that pain, and made a split-decision to “try again later” when she wasn’t going to have to watch.

The reason I was leaving in the first place is because my useful time here was expiring.  I had done what I came to do, or so I thought, and my near-death experience seemed to substantiate this.  Needless to say, if you can learn something new every day in one’s normal life, imagine the urgency and creativity that can be employed when one realizes that each new day is one more than was originally allotted in the blueprint. 

In eight months of spilled milk – or time since I first planned on checking out – I have realized some profound truths which have allowed for great transformational fundamental growth of my soul, in terms of evolution.

DEATH: It was really exciting coming out of my body, which itself appeared to be cold, old, and losing all energy.  While I could not speak or write due to slowed motor function, my mind was very sharp and active.  I was alert and aware of my consciousness separating from my body, and was not scared at all.  It was painless and seemed like a seamless transition based on what I was comparing to other stories about near-death or out-of-body experiences that I had heard previously.

RELIGION: My upbringing in the Christian church provided much beneficial guidance for how to live life with a connection to God.  However, by nature, subscribing to one of the world’s religions also limits one’s beliefs by creating bias and establishing parameters for how we think about spiritual life.  Christians do not believe in successive phases of death-like transitions during life, or in reincarnation.  My experience was life-altering, in terms of expanding my view of how consciousness transcends the body, space and time.

SOUL FAMILIES:  Examining my feelings and the meaning of what it meant for me to make a compassionate decision which changed my game-plan last minute for a friend really made me think about the decisions and agreements we make during the time spans between death-to-life.  We agree to go through difficulties to aid in the karmic repair or soul development of our chosen soul teams.

FREE WILL:  Although a pre-planned experience was expected, we were supported by the universe as we modified our plan of execution for moving through this event together.

LIFE PURPOSE:  Since this event occurred, my entire life concept has changed.  Subsequently, the types of opportunities that become available for me to open up to the world expand greatly.

$$ PAY $$ Attention to What Matters


In a time when the political and religious dialogue in today’s changing world can be a bit disconcerting, it is IMPERATIVE that we CONSCIOUSLY choose how we SPEND our ENERGY, or to what we are PAYING ATTENTION.

UNIVERSAL LAWS remind us that we reap what we sow, and that what we focus on, grows.

Please remember in these Strange Days to limit your exposure to inflammatory, antagonistic “news” sources that provide minimal actual factual useful information. Although the issues are important and should be evaluated carefully, we have the DUTY and the PRIVILEGE of actually creating a new way of life for all of humanity based on how we SPEND OUR ENERGY.

Schedule time for what you LOVE.  Have FUN every day.  Remember to LAUGH at each magical moment that appears in your life, and to be GRATEFUL for the first BREATH of each NEW DAY.


Love, Light, Wholeness & Balance 😊