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Sex Robot Culture

​So I watched a video about sex robots (actually, i scanned through according to my tolerance to the information) and it left me feeling angry, shocked, and very concerned. I have not included a link but it is worth searching and reviewing if you value human connection. Here are my thoughts on this trend: 

People cannot be replaced by inanimate objects!

Objects cannot be used for the acceptable  release of an individual’s abusive, unhealthy, negative emotions.  Behaviors expressing anger, rage, or retaliation are serious psychological issues which threaten human populations, in my opinion.  Desire to dominate or to control another in a sexual manner must never be tolerated; these compulsions and addictions warrant immediate and thorough psychological attention.

Consensual acts between adults who communicate issues like boundaries and trust are not the subject of my concern.

Choose to work through any internal residual from traumatizing events with professional human beings, and figure out a way to get them to choose you as their willing bed partner.